COAST is a project created by Jennifer Katz and Michelle Kemper. Jennifer and Michelle have known each other for many years and dreamed of working together as a dynamic duo of speech therapist and occupational therapist, respectively. That dream came true when they both joined San Francisco Inclusion Network, a program that supports teachers and children in inclusive preschools across the city.

Jennifer and Michelle continue to provide on-site consultation as Team Preschool. The success of Team Preschool led to the development of COAST, a beautiful new space that connects Occupational, Aerial, and Speech Therapy. This collaboration ensures the highest quality of support for the children and families they serve.

Michelle Kemper


Michelle Kemper, MS, OTR/L, is the founder and director of Creative Cartwheel, Inc. Most recently, Michelle was part of the therapeutic staff at Children’s Health Council of Palo Alto. In addition Michelle consults to several preschools in the Bay Area She has extensive expertise in providing a full scope of services to children and their families in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of motor coordination, sensory processing, attention, behavioral responses and social skills. She is a highly sought after presenter specializing in sensory motor development and other myriad topics that support families and professionals who work with children.

Jennifer Katz


Jennifer Katz, MS, CCC-SLP, is the founder and director of Jennifer Katz Inc. Jennifer has been working in the field of speech language pathology for almost 20 years. and has professional experience in variety of settings working with both children and adults. Over the years Jennifer has worked with a wide variety of speech and language disorders; however, the past several years Jennifer has focused her scope of practice to working with children and adults who stutter and infants and children with feeding and oral motor difficulties. Jennifer is passionate about supporting young children and their families in their natural environments.